Composting: which system is right for you?


There are many composting systems, all of which are very efficient in their own way, but your choice may be limited depending upon the space and resources available to you.

Compost systems


How to create a wild flower meadow in your garden


Why create a wildflower meadow?

Unfortunately, around 95% of these meadows have disappeared in recent years, some because of agriculture taking over and mono-cropping rye grass has taken over, and others due to lack of management where they have been left to their own devices and have become overgrown and the wild flowers forced out of existence.

Wildlife Trusts are working to preserve meadows by employing traditional management such at cutting, grazing and re-seeding.

It is also possible to bring a wildflower meadow into an urban garden provide a habitat for wildlife.  Such meadows attract many insects, which in turn will bring in small mammals and birds.

Please click below to see how to create a wildflower meadow in your garden.

How to create a wildflower meadow in your garden (leaflet)